Condition of baby hurt in terror attack worsens

The condition of the baby wounded in the terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday has worsened and he is now in serious condition.
At 6 p.m. Hadassah University Medical center spokeswoman Hadar Elboim said the infant boy, who has been placed on a ventilator, was rushed into surgery in the pediatric trauma unit in an attempt to save his leg from being amputated.
“He’s in surgery now and is in very serious condition,” said Elboim. “But if anyone knows how to deal with this, it’s the doctors in this unit. They had to take him directly into surgery; they couldn’t wait.”
While she did not know the boy’s name, she said the family is asking the public to pray for him.
Meanwhile, Elboim said the 10 remaining victims are all in light condition, and will likely be released by tomorrow morning.