Court calls to reexamine evidence in murder of Tair Rada

Almost three years after Roman Zadarov was found guilty in the murder of eighth-grader Tair Rada, the High Court of Justice on Monday ordered the Nazareth District Court to re-examine evidence in the case, following an appeal issued by Zadarov's lawyers.
The High Court said the evidence includes a forensic expert's opinion about bloody shoe-prints found at the scene and another expert's analysis of the murder weapon and the injuries found on Rada's head.
The court said that Zadarov's conviction was based on the confession he gave before a police translator, a jailhouse informant, and his interrogators and also during his reenactment, which they said “were found to contain lies, manipulations and fabrications.”
At the same time, the court said Monday that his confession was backed up by evidence, including that Zadarov was able to point out facts about the crime scene and the positioning of Rada's body, as well as how she was murdered.