Court orders release of two Eritrean rape suspects

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Monday ordered the release of two Eritrean men arrested on suspicion of rape last Thursday, saying that the case put together by police was not sufficient to keep the two men in custody any further.
Police immediately issued an appeal of the decision, and the two men now await a further hearing at the Tel Aviv District Court later today.
The two men were arrested last Wednesday after police said that they lured an Israeli woman into an abandoned building on Hamasger street in South Tel Aviv Wednesday morning, where one of them raped her while the other kept watch, according to police.
Police said the 39-year-old woman told them she was walking down the street when one of the men asked her for help with his baby and when they reached the abandoned building the two men dragged her inside, where she was reportedly assaulted.
Police took the woman back to the scene of the crime where she allegedly identified one of the assailants.