Cricket umpire dies after ball strikes him in Ashdod match

Man in 50s evacuated to hospital where he succumbed to wounds sustained during sporting event.

Hillel Oscar (photo credit: ISRAEL CRICKET ASSOCIATION)
Hillel Oscar
Former Israel captain and international cricket umpire, Hillel Oscar, was killed in Ashdod on Saturday after being struck by a ball and suffering a heart attack.
The tragic incident occurred during the final league match of the season after which Lions Lod was set to celebrate winning the championship.
According to spectators, the 55-year-old man collapsed after being hit in his upper body by the ball. He was evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Asheklon where he succumbed to his injuries.
Magen David Adom paramedics provided initial treatment to the man, who was found unconscious and without a pulse, before transporting him to the hospital.
Saturday’s incident came after the death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes drew world cricket’s attention on the safety of the game, calling for improved protection for the players.
“The cricket family bows its head over the passing of Hillel Oscar.
This is a tragedy for his family and for cricket in Israel,” said Naor Gudkar, CEO of the Israeli Cricket Association. “This is a ‘one-in-amillion’ accident. It happened a few days ago to an Australian player and I don’t know how it has arrived at our doorstep.
I’m sure world cricket will look into what happened last week and we will also investigate the incident, but I’m not sure there was anything we could have done as we act according to all the rules and regulations.”