Danino: Police showed professionalism in their response to the snow storm

The police showed professionalism in their response to the recent snow storm National Police Commissioner Yochanan Danino said Thursday, in a speech in which he took aim at those who criticized police handling of the storm.
“The Israel police and all of its units were organized in a professional and fitting manner and its important to note that we open our door to all criticism but there is a difference between a constructive process to fix mistakes and criticism that is not based on practical criticism and research.”
Speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv on Thursday, Danino also clarified his statements last week in which he said “lets stop all the complaining and focus on returning the people of Israel to their daily routine.”
Danino said that his comments “were not directed at the citizens of Israel”, rather, at “those analysts ad pundits who spoke about wanting to open an investigative committee at the same time that the police and all the other civil services were working to save lives.”
Danino added that he has appointed the deputy police commissioner Nissim Mor, to work on an assessment of police performance on the national and district level during the entire storm, in order to determine where they can improve their response in a future crisis.
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