Daphni Leef slams gov't approval of Trajtenberg report

Daphni Leef, the 26-year-old Tel Aviv woman who in July launched the “social justice” protest movement that led to the formation of the Trajtenberg Committee, criticized the government’s approval of the committee’s recommendations, saying “where’s the public housing? What about daycare? What about our crumbling health care system? Now is the time when real solutions are needed.”
Leef added “if the problem that brought us out into the streets was the housing crisis, how come the government isn’t offering a single meaningful solution to this? Where is the public housing? Where is the affordable housing? In many different countries in the world, governments have come to the conclusion that they must get involved in the housing market. This report doesn’t offer any solution, only a continuation of the same policies that brought us to the current crisis.”
She also slammed what she said is the document’s failure to address problems in the country’s public health care system, saying  “public health care is not even brought up in a comprehensive manner in the report, almost as though the government is not aware of the severe crisis taking place in the Israeli health care system.”
Leef joined other leaders of the protest movement on Sunday in saying that the social issues facing Israel require the formation of a special “welfare state” budget for 2012. She said that she believes that solutions to the social problems facing Israel can be found in a report compiled by a team of advisers working with the protest movement, a document entitled the “Spivak report”.  The report calls for a new “social budget” for 2012, with a greater allocation of government spending towards social issues.