Defense Ministry to cut 30% of NY purchasing team employees

Defense Ministry to cut

The Defense Ministry plan for greater efficiency of its New York purchasing team, including a cut of thirty percent of the delegation's employees, has been approved and will be implemented immediately, the ministry announced Monday. In a statement, the Defense Ministry stressed that it had taken various measures over the last two years to meet efficiency targets, including the use of the Mackenzie and Associates consultancy services, the integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage the ministry's budget and resources, and the implementation of an early retirement program for some 300 ministry workers. Over the last few days, the Mackenzie recommendations regarding the New York purchasing team, as well as the implementation plan submitted by the Defense Ministry's Human Resources Department, were presented to the ministry's director-general, Pinchas Buchris. Buchris said he was fully adopting the recommendations, according to which the training of delegates and local employees would be enhanced, the purchasing process would be improved to make greater use of the team's three-billion-dollar annual budget and 30% of the delegation's employees would be laid off.