Defense questioning stage ends in Olmert trial

The Jerusalem Disctrict Court on Thursday concluded the defense questioning stage in the trial of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert over his alleged double and triple booking of flights in what has become known as the Rishon Tours affair.
During the testimony, Olmert again rejected the prosecution's claims, calling them lies and said that he did not plan with Shula Zaken and with Rachel Raz-Risbi to double book his flights outside of Israel in order to finance private trips.
Olmert reiterated that he did not know about, and was not involved in the management of the trip payments, claiming that he was not trying to pin the blame on Zaken and Risbi because no one did anything intentionally.
After the questioning ended, Olmert was set to continue his testimony "Talansky Affair" in which Olmert allegedly received cash contributions from New York businessman Morris Talansky and stashed them in his safe without declaring them to the tax authorities.