Dennis Ross: 2013 to be a very decisive year for Obama

2013 is going to be a very decisive year for the second Obama administration, Ambassador Dennis Ross, a councilor at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy said in Jerusalem on Thursday.
Speaking to a joint conference of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Ross forecast that the three priorities of the Obama Administration that would be in convergence with Israel would be Iran, Syria and what he termed, the "Arab awakening" as distinct from the Arab Spring.
The potential point of divergence from Israel would be that of the Palestinian issue, he said. With regard to Iran, Ross was hopeful that the problem of nuclearization could be settled diplomatically but if force has to be used, the question has to be answered about what can be done to create the right kind of context for force and what strategy can be employed for the day after, "because anything that is destroyed can be rebuilt," said Ross.