Doctors accede to labor court president to ease sanctions

The Israel Medical Association has decided next week to change its formula of sanctions applied in the public hospitals and community facilities, despite its current wage dispute with the government, to prevent the "immediate collapse" of the health system.
The IMA thus gave a positive answer to the president of the National Labor Court, Nili Arad, who asked for mitigation of the sanctions. On July 1, the IMA has ordered its members to "work to rule" due to the lack of any progress in negotiations since the labor dispute began three months ago. The IMA said that "already, after only week of this, it seems that the health system in unable to function and the closing of departments and even hospitals are a matter of days away."
Out of concern for their patients and willingness to respond to Arad’s request, the IMA decided to change the formula of sanctions. IMA chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman said: "This is yet another time when the doctors, out of their great responsibility, have acceded to the labor court’s request. We return and call on the prime minister to show leadership and intervene in the dispute and bring significant reform in the health system for the benefit of the people," he said.