Economy Ministry launches labor rights website

The Econmy Minsitry on Monday launched a new website laying out Israel's labor regulations, an attempt to get both employers and workers better acquainted with their respective obligations and rights.
"The way to maintain workers rights begins with clear and orderly information," said Michal Tzuk, who is in charge of employment regulation at the Economy Ministry . The site, she added, is written in plain, understandable langauge to ensure that readers dont' get trapped in legalese.
Though housed at the Economy Ministry, the site will also include information from court rulings, legislation, and relevant collective agreements, plus links to forms and other relevant sites.
"This is a significant step which should serve both the employees and the employers, and contributes greatly to the ministry's efforts to protect labor rights, which will encourage fair employment," Tzuk said.
The effort comes as the government takes steps to make its digital services more accessible. New rules will soon require all ministries to accept e-mails instead of just faxes for document submissions, and the office of the Chief Scientist is offering grants to companies that can help make public services more efficient.
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