Edelstein encourages new MKs to join interparliamentary diplomacy efforts

The Knesset's international activities are essential, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein told MKs Tuesday.
Edelstein spoke at a conference on interparliamentary diplomacy in the Knesset, in which 30 new and veteran lawmakers participated.
"There is no replacement for the presence of MKs representing Israel at parliamentary assemblies and international organizations," he stated.
Edelstein pointed to efforts to stop European parliaments from prohibiting ritual circumcision as one of the Knesset's diplomatic successes.
The Speaker said the tendency of media to focus on the cost of these trips or how many times MKs traveled abroad harms the diplomatic efforts by discouraging legislators from participating.
"We're not traveling for fun and entertainment. We work around the clock to make our stances heard, block anti-Israel resolutions and reach achievements in interparliamentary cooperation," Edelstein explained.