Efrat mayor expresses support for coronavirus curfew

While many Israelis have reacted negatively to the news of a curfew, Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi, who serves as a mentor to local governments, expressed support for the night curfew that is set to be imposed starting Wednesday.
"The night curfew can help freeze the situation [of the virus],” he said. “The goal is to minimize morbidity until the vaccines arrive."
He continued: "Unfortunately we encounter resistance almost automatically without asking what the goal is. And if we avoid gatherings, the chances that we will gain a few more weeks without a closure will increase. The alternative is to close our eyes and gallop to a third closure – which is a pity.
"This is the time for social responsibility," he urged. "Each group points to the other as responsible for the outbreak. Weddings, nature parties, crowds in shopping centers, demonstrations, etc."
The curfew will be in place over the holiday season, a circumstance Revivi reacted to by saying: "We all are Israelis: Jews, Arabs and Christians, secular and religious. Just before Hanukkah, Novy God, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, is the time to avoid gatherings.
"There is no doubt that the government can improve in terms of considerations and decision-making, but we as a public must also improve in self-discipline and social responsibility," he said.
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