Eggs imported from Spain may have Salmonella

After warning a week ago of eggs infected with Salmonella bacteria that were imported from the Ukraine, the Health Ministry now suspects the same of a shipment from Spain.
It urged the public to cook eggs thoroughly and not to purchase eggs that don’t have clear markings on individual eggs and packages. Complaints can be sent to the Agriculture Ministry’s veterinary service.
In 2016, a law will go into effect setting official standards for documentation on eggs.
Salmonella infections can cause gastroenterological problems in healthy people, but they can be dangerous when consumed by people with weak immune systems, babies and young children, pregnant women and the elderly.
Until the Health Ministry completes further tests to determine the presence of the bacteria, it is suspending the import of eggs marked ES for “Spain.”  Locally raised eggs do not have a two-letter symbol.
In general, one should eat only completely boiled or cooked eggs, not soft-boiled or sunny-side-up eggs whose yellows have not been heated properly. Do no drink a liquid or eat a solid that contains raw eggs. Store eggs in the refrigerator.
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