Egypt intelligence release a draft of the Israel-Gaza peace agreement

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar published a draft of the understandings brokered by Egyptian intelligence on Saturday, which includes the dismantelment of the new "March of Return" by the end of the year, with Egypt taking action to remove 70 percent of the blockade.
In return, the Gaza Strip crossings will be opened regularly, and work permits will be issued to 5,000 Palestinians from Gaza under the age of 40 in Israel and the fishing area will increase to 14 miles. Paying 80% of PA salaries to Gaza officials, instead of 40% of salaries. In addition, infrastructure and energy projects will be launched to provide 30,000 jobs for unemployed academics.
A member of the Hamas political bureau, Khalil al-Haya, said on Friday that, "the efforts to break the siege in the face of success are due to the steadfastness of our people to break the siege. At the same time that the Supreme Committee of the "March of the Return" called for continued participation in the "march" this Friday.