Egypt seizes 700 kg of explosives in Sinai

Egypt has seized 700 kg of explosives in a mountainous area near its border with Israel, a security source said on Friday, one day after 26 people were arrested on suspicion of targeting the Suez Canal. The source, who declined to be identified, told the Reuters news agency that the cache was found the previous evening in a mountainous area south of el-Arish and was likely intended to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip. The source added that residents had alerted security forces to the cache, which was buried two meters below ground level. No arrests were made, but there was evidence the cache had been used recently, the source said. On Thursday, Egypt's interior ministry said it had arrested 26 people suspected of plotting to target oil pipelines and foreign ships in the Suez Canal, which separates the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt.