Egypt's Constituent Assembly reaches agreement on Article 2

Younis Makhyoun, a member of Egypt's Constituent Assembly tasked with formulating the country's new constitution, on Sunday announced that an agreement was reached on the phrasing of the much-debated Article 2, Egypt Independent reported.
The article will reportedly read, “The principles of Islamic Sharia are the main sources of legislation,” with a qualifying Article, 221, defining "principles" as “general evidence and fundamental and jurisprudential rules and their sources in the well-recognized schools of the Sunnis and the community.”
Article 2 had been the subject of debate for months, with Salafis pushing for the removal of the word “principles” prior to “Islamic Sharia.”
According to Makhyoun, Article 2's terminology was approved by both Al-Azhar University and the Coptic Church.
The Constituent Assembly is expected to issue a second draft of the constitution shortly.