Egypt's former chief-of-staff to be released after detention

CAIRO - Egypt's prosecutor general approved the release of ousted President Mohamed Morsi's former chief of staff, who was detained last month over accusations of inciting the detention, torture and interrogation of protesters in 2012, judicial sources said.
The release of Rifaa El-Tahtawy comes as Egypt's interim government cracks down on Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group, which is blamed for inciting violence after the army, prompted by mass protests, ousted Morsi on July 3.
El-Tahtawi, a former spokesman of Egypt's highest religious authority al-Azhar, was detained because of connections to violent clashes outside the presidential palace last December in which about a dozen people were killed after Morsi enraged protesters' with a decree expanding his powers.
El-Tahtawi is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
"The prosecution investigating the case decided to release him and consider him a witness in the case. Today the general prosecutor approved the decision," the judicial source at the General Prosecution told Reuters.