Eilat shooter may have been fired earlier than reported

23-year-old William Hershkovitz, who opened fire at an Eilat hotel and killed one on Friday, may have been fired from his internship in the hotel kitchen earlier than first reported.
A student participating in the same Jewish Agency program as Hershkovitz, who asked not to be named, said that she spoke to Hershkovitz a few days ago, and he told her he had been fired, but did not appear especially upset. Police said Hershkovitz had been fired on Thursday.
The student described "Willy" as "a sweet guy", who mainly kept to himself and didn't go out with the other students in the group. She said the other students thought he was somewhat odd and "when you spoke to him you could tell there was something weird about him".
The student, who works at a different hotel than Hershkovitz, said "everyone thought he was spacey and weird, but I don't think anyone thought he would do something violent or something like this."