Israel silent on reports legendary spy Eli Cohen's remains on way home

Unconfirmed Syrian reports have claimed that a Russian delegation that recently left Syria departed with an Israeli coffin containing the remains of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the reports.
The spy was hanged in Damascus in 1965. 
The Military Censor has now authorized the publishing of the reports, although it is unclear how reliable they are, according Channel 12 News.
Cohen operated behind enemy lines - establishing close ties with the top Syrian political and military leadership - from 1962 until he was hanged almost exactly 43 years ago on May 18, 1965. Cohen, who was known in intelligence circles by the number 566, wrote in encrypted French and sent his messages via a tiny radio transmitter. Cohen's transmissions were instrumental in helping the IDF prepare for the 1967 war with Syria. He provided information about the Syrian Air Force and military positions on the Golan. 
In July, Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency succeeded in retrieving the wristwatch that belonged to famed spy.
Mossad chief Yossi Cohen presented the watch to Eli Cohen’s family during a ceremony in his honor held a few weeks ago. The watch is now on display at Mossad headquarters and will be given to the family after the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday.