Emir of Qatar: 'The US should re-engage with Iran'

The US would not be allowed to use its base in Qatar to launch attacks against Iran and Obama should try to re-engage with Tehran, said the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, in an interview with the Financial Times.
"As a neighbour to Iran, and we have lived with Iranians for a long time together, we believe that the best thing is dialogue. The Americans should speak with Iran. The Iranians are all the time mentioning that their nuclear (programme) is there for peaceful purposes. What is the role of the United Nations, the Security Council? They should go and check this," said al-Thani.
The Emir also told the Financial Times that Qatar would not allow the US using its base there to launch a strike on Iran, should it decide to do so, and warned that the Israelis are those "who have the most dangerous weapons, the nuclear weapons."