Entire IDF battalion enters quarantine

The entire Nachshon Battalion in the IDF's Kfir brigade entered quarantine on Wednesday due to concerns that the hundreds of soldiers in the battalion came into contact with a number of confirmed coronavirus patients, according to Israel Hayom.
One of the confirmed patients held a birthday party at a pool and is expected to stand trial after she recovers. A person infected with the coronavirus was present at the party. The soldiers at the party entered quarantine and were tested and a number of soldiers were confirmed as infected.
The soldiers who came into direct contact with the infected soldier entered home quarantine and those with symptoms will be tested as necessary. The rest of the battalion is in isolation together at an infantry base in the Golan Heights.
"The entire battalion is in unit quarantine, meaning, absolutely no person can enter the battalion and the soldiers are required to stay closed up on base until further notice," explained an official from the battalion to Israel Hayom. "The soldiers are training, but are not coming into contact with any other unit or person."
On Tuesday, the IDF announced that 496 soldiers have been infected throughout the IDF so far. All are or were in light condition. 245 of the infected have either recovered or been discharged from the military. 7,809 soldiers were in quarantine as of Tuesday evening.
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