Fahima indicted for premeditated murder of Beatrice and Denise Rodov

Fahima indicted for prem

Eli Fahima was indicted at the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday morning for the premeditated murder of Beatrice Rodov, 62, with whom he was romantically involved, and her daughter, Denise, 36, Fahima dismembered the bodies of the two women, disposed of their corpses and tried to conceal the evidence, the indictment claims. The mutilated bodies were discovered separately in a Ramat Gan garbage can which had been set alight and in the Alexander River in August. Fahima was also charged with theft and forgery, as he allegedly forged Beatrice Rodov's signature on a check. According to the indictment, he stole the check from his victim and then cashed it. The prosecution has asked the court to extend the defendant's remand until the end of legal proceedings. Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report