Far-Right activist Meir Etinger convicted after threatening Palestinians

A court in Petach Tikva convicted Meir Etinger of joint threats. According to the amended indictment, in which the defendant admitted as part of a plea deal after mediation between the parties, the defendant arrived, together with the other defendants, to the Palestinian village of Burin on Dec. 12, 2014 in the morning.
The defendants went to a hill next to a house in the village and ran down the hill towards the Palestinians who were at home while holding rocks and a slingshot. As they got within a few dozen meters of the Palestinians, one of the defendants hid his face, except for his eyes, with a talit.
Etinger hid his face up to his eyes by pulling up his shirt. One of the other defendants took a few stones from the ground, put them in a slingshot he was holding and shot them with force and speed towards the general direction of the Palestinians and the house, one after another, while Etinger and a third defendant stood next to him watching. Later on, security forces arrived at the scene and stopped the incident.
The plea deal does not include an agreement concerning the punishment.
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