Far-right group warns Arabs against flirting with Jews

A far-right group that works against what it calls “assimilation” and mixing between Jews and Arabs has entered the spotlight the last couple days, as it has come out in support of the savage beating of two Arab youths by a teenage Jewish mob in Jerusalem last Thursday that left one of the boys on the brink of death.
This week “Lahava” (an acronym for “preventing assimilation in the holy land”) began circulating flyers in Jerusalem that warn Arab men against flirting with or talking to Jewish girls, saying "we don’t want you to get hurt, respect our girls honor because they are dear to our hearts"
The fliers, which some Lahava activists have been handing out at Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the city, also say “our girls are dear to us, just like you don't want a Jew to date your sister, we also aren't willing to accept an Arab dating one of our women. Just like you would do anything in order to stop a Jew from dating your sister, so would we!”
The flier warns Arab men not to come to west Jerusalem’s malls or public areas to meet a girl, advising them “to walk around in your village and find a girlfriend there not here!”