Final youth in Ahuvia Sandak case released from detention

Ephraim Gozlan, the fourth individual in the car with Ahuvia Sandak on December 21 has been released from his police detention, Ynet reported.
There were four young men in the car with Sandak when it crashed last week, killing him. Since then, they've all been detained and released - Gozlan was the last one, today.
"I hope and pray that the truth will come out in the next few days," said Adi Kinner, his lawyer. Early evidence from an anonymous video testimony released on Tuesday by right-wing NGO Honenu indicated that Sandak was not the driver and that he may not have been wearing a seat belt at his time of death.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used similar language in his phone call with Sandak's parents on Thursday night, insisting that "the truth about the circumstances which led to [Ahuvia's] death is about to come to light."