Firefighters successfully seal massive gas leak in Jerusalem

Firefighters from the hazardous materials unit in the Jerusalem District of the Fire and Rescue Services succeeded in sealing a massive gas leak from a gas tanker in the neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev on Tuesday evening. The firefighters also removed the accumulated gas from the site in order to prevent the ignition and explosion of the large amount of gas.
Seven firefighting teams conducted advanced field operations to seal the leak. The tanker was brought to a dedicated facility in the Atarot Industrial Zone to discharge the residual gas.
Monitoring engineers from the Israel Fire and Rescue Services in the Jerusalem District conducted monitoring operations with advanced explosive detectors throughout the neighborhood and found that there the gas levels do not pose a risk to the public. Residents of the area have been allowed to return to their regular routine.
The Israel Electric Corporation cut off electricity on the streets near the tanker in order to avoid an electric spark igniting the gas and causing an explosion.
Magen David Adom medics and Israel Police were at the scene directing traffic and distancing civilians from the leak.