Firefighters protest working conditions in light of southern terror fires

Hundreds of firefighters from all over the country demonstrated against the Commissioner of Firefighting and Rescue Dedi Simchi chanting, "Do not let Commissioner Dedi Simchi burn the fire department!," in front of the Tel Aviv Government Complex on Monday morning.
Avi Ankori, chairman of the firefighters' organization, said "Dedi Simchi is trying to burn the fire department, and his judgment may cost firefighters and human lives!"
The firefighters are protesting against the severe deterioration of their working conditions, in light of the harsh reality of their ongoing activities in the past year, headed by the war on terror in the south.
The firefighters are demanding that the commissioner upholds the collective labor agreements signed before Dedi Simchi took office as a commissioner a year and a half ago, and put an end to the "the commissioner's abuse and intimidation against the firefighters."
The fire fighters demands are backed by Chairman of the  Histadrut HAMAOF Union Arnon Bar David.