First Israeli construction company achieves ISO 14001

Danya Cebus, a subsidiary of Africa Israel, announced this week that it has become the first construction company in Israel to achieve environmental standard ISO 14001. The international voluntary standard mandates that the company now has to adhere to certain criteria in its projects and administration as well as regular reporting of its environmental impact.
Danya Cebus received consulting services from Sher Consulting and Training to help navigate the accreditation process.
Danya Cebus CEO Ronen Ginsburg said in a statement that they were proud to be the first to receive ISO 14001. He added that it fit in perfectly with the company's commitments in building residential units.
Sher Deputy CEO Sharon Reuveni remarked that the accreditation process was not simple and, to achieve the standard, Sher had to survey the company's environmental impact, both at its construction sites and its offices, figure out how to make the system as environmentally friendly as possible, and then train the administration and employees.