Foreign national caught speeding at 150 kph twice in 20 mins

A foreign national was stopped by the police for driving 153 kph on Route 2 near Atlit, where the speed limit is 90 kph. While they were checking his licenses, he got back into his Audi A4 and drove away, without receiving his court summons or his license back.
Twenty minutes later an Audi A4 was hailed by the police to pull over at Poleg Junction for going 147 kph, the car tried to avoid the officers, and a car chase ensued.
Two police vehicles were needed to make the driver slow down and force him off the road. At this stage the man admitted he was not in possession of his documents. As it turned out, they were still in the hands of the Atlit police.
The man received court summons for both speeding violations and all the violations that came in their wake.
The foreign national plays in a well known basketball club, according to the police.