Former Obama aide takes president to task for 'not being tough enough' with Iran

Dennis Ross, the veteran Mideast hand and former peace envoy, criticized his former boss, US President Barack Obama, for “not being tough enough” with Iran in light of the stalled nuclear talks and the recent coup in Yemen.
Writing for the online Politico newsmagazine, Ross argues that American allies in the region are growing more apprehensive over what they see as growing Iranian influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, while Washington is perceived to be on the retreat.
“These two simultaneous developments - the deadlock in nuclear talks and Iran’s aggressive moves in the region - are not coincidental,” wrote Ross, who co-authored the piece with foreign policy analysts Eric Edelman and Ray Takeyh.
“They are intimately linked, and that should be a lesson for President Obama: The nuclear deadlock cannot be broken unless Washington reengages in the myriad of conflicts and civil wars plaguing the region, particularly now that Yemen is vulnerable and the Saudi royal family is in a state of turmoil following the death of King Abdullah on Thursday.”