Gaddafi accuses Swiss of harming son in wake of servant abuse scandal

Libya accuses Swiss of h

The Libyan Foreign Ministry on Friday issued a list of 27 grievances connected to the arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi, who was apprehended with his wife in July 2008 for allegedly beating up their servants in a Geneva hotel. Gaddafi and his wife were released on bail three days later and returned to Libya. In a document posted on the ministry's Web site, Libya accused Swiss authorities of breaking down a door during the arrest, pointing a gun at him and using 20 armed men to take him away. It said he was improperly locked in a cell with another inmate, suffered unspecified bodily harm and claimed Switzerland denied hurting him. Earlier this week, Hannibal Gaddafi filed a civil complaint against a Swiss newspaper that published a mug shot from his arrest. The photo was published by Tribune de Geneve in September, more than a year after the arrest.