Gal-On voices support for police suspension of taser guns

Meretz leader Zahava Gal-on on Sunday responded to the police decision to suspend the use of taser guns following the controversial arrest of settler Boaz Albert last Thursday.
"I hope that the police will stand by the decision to suspend the use of tasers, that have been proven to be life-threatening weapons," Gal-On said in a statement.
Gal-On added that she had repeatedly asked the police commissioner that taser guns only be used in place of firearms, but she was assured that their usage would only be used in controlled measures.
"It seems that this is not the case on the ground," Gal-on added.
"I hope that this time police assurances will be implemented and the use of this deadly weapon will be ceased not only against right-wing activists, but also against people on the Left," the Meretz leader concluded.