Galilee man shot to death next to his mother and fiancee

A man was shot and killed in the Galilee village of Marar on Tuesday night, during a visit home to see his family, police reported.
Police said the man was sitting in his car with his fiancee and his mother when he was riddled with bullets by gunmen in a passing car.
The northern branch of the YAMAR central investigation unit has opened an investigation into the incident but said so far they have no suspects.
Also Tuesday, two residents of the Galilee village of Rameh were shot by unknown assailants. Both were evacuated from the scene with light and moderate wounds respectively. Shortly after the shooting was first reported, police said that they had determined that the two gunmen carjacked a man at gunpoint and drove to a restaurant next to the entrance to the village, where they opened fire on the two victims.
Police added that the incident appears to be linked to a feud between two different families in the city.