Gantz's eulogy: The word "commander" was the most fitting to describe Sharon.

Addressing the mourners at the funeral, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said the word "commander" was the most fitting to describe Sharon.
"I came to salute you today, as the chief of staff of the IDF, as a soldier, as a paratroopers commander who followed you through various stations, when the ranks no longer decorated your shoulders. I came here to tell you that the army that defends the people, which was so dear to you, will continue to exist in your image for many more years. I came to tell you how IDF commanders will continue to be shaped in light of the qualities seen in you as a commander," Gantz said.
Those qualities included a sharp, calm view of threats, taking the initiative, and determination, three elements that are vital for all leaders and commanders, Gantz added.
"Rest in peace, commander, because we here continue to march to the sound of your steps. The land on which you began and based your family, the land which you knew through your feet, for which you fought with your subordinates as a lion in every battle, is the one that gathers you to it now for eternal rest," Gantz said.