Geert Wilders compares Islam to Nazism in Dutch TV interview

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders compared Islam with Nazism during a television interview with journalist Rick Nieman.
"I think if we didn't allow the symbol of this ideology in the Netherlands anymore, we would not make our rule of law weaker but stronger, because Islam is dressed up as a religion, while it is an ideology. I am sure that if there were Nazi temples in the Netherlands, there would be an uproar if this was allowed. Believe me, Islamic ideology is possibly more dangerous."
"We want to make our own Netherlands, to close our borders and to keep all that money that we give to the foreigners, there is billions, to Africa for development, to Brussels, to Greece, to asylum seekers in the Netherlands, we will stop that and give all that money to the Dutch people living in the Netherlands."
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