Germany-Israel ‘rescue’ flight can’t depart, government didn’t meet

A flight meant to air-lift 170 Israelis from Frankfurt to Israel on Sunday can't depart as the government didn't meet to decide regulations concerning how the committee, which is meant to oversee such unique cases, would work under, Ynet reported. 
While the airport is closed for most flights, as are land borders, those who need emergency medical care or have an urgent need to travel can request to do so.
A flight with 30 passengers who requested to leave Israel and return to Germany departed on Friday, and 31 Israelis arrived on the returning flight. 
Israir won the tender to operate such ‘rescue’ flights, it will announce in 24h what it intends to do, seeing as its passengers had been stranded. It is unclear if the government is even able, legally speaking, to prevent its own citizens from returning home. 
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