Global Jihad terrorist targeted by IDF dies in hospital

One of the terrorists targeted by the IDF an a Sunday air strike succumbed to his wounds Monday evening, according to hospital sources in the Gaza Strip.
Israel linked the 25-year-old man, Abdullah Mohammed Hassan Makawi, to the Ashura Council of Holy Warriors, a Global Jihad group in central Gaza.
The other Palestinian targeted in the strike, Talat Khalil Muhammad Jerbi, remained in critical condition. A Global Jihad terrorist from Rafah, Jerbi had a senior role in planning the June 18th attack on the Egyptian border fence, which killed an Israel civilian.
He had long been involved in firing rockets at Israel and manufacturing bombs, according to the IDF. The IDF said he was planning a sophisticated attack in Sinai.
The IDF said that the two terrorists were preparing to launch an attack from Sinai.