Gush Dan light rail chairman resigns

In the face of recent corruption charges, Alex Wiznitzer, chairman of NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., announced his resignation in a letter to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz on Thursday. NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System, a government company founded in 1997, is responsible for developing the Gush Dan’s future light rail system
“In the current situation and in light of events in recent weeks, I do not see any possibility to continue my position at NTA, as I have done up until now and as I planned to do,” Wiznitzer wrote. Stressing that no one has requested that he terminate his position, Wiznitzer wrote that out of respect for his family and due to his desire to protect his name, he decided to resign.
Prior to his appointment as chairman of NTA in August 2013, Wiznitzer served as chairman of Mekorot, Israel’s national water corporation, since 2010, which followed six years as director-general of  Netivei Israel – the Israel National Roads Company.