Haifa opens Israel's first designated matkot court

The sound of summer in Israel is sometimes mixed with the sight and sound of endless matkot, or beach paddle ball, games at beaches around the country. However, the city of Haifa now has a designated matkot field, the first of its kind in Israel.
Haifa Mayor Yonah Yahav was present to inaugurate the 0.37-acre field, situated at Naot Beach in the city's Kiryat Haim neighborhood on Monday. includes open, grassy areas for playing matkot with a partner in addition to a walled area for practicing solo.
The Haifa Municipality spent NIS 450 million to create the space, which is free to the public, and said in a statement that came as a way to solve the issue of matkot players disturbing beach goers who are trying to relax.
Currently, the city is already looking into hosting national matkot tournaments at the unique space and said that they are sure that many other cities will be influenced to follow their lead.