Hanin Zoabi says office robbery in Nazareth was 'a political act'

Unknown assailants broke into the office of MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) in Nazareth Saturday night, making off with computers and other equipment, Northern District police said.
Moshe Weizmann, spokesman of the Northern District police said they’re treating the break-in as a standard burglary and that they don’t believe it was politically-motivated, or a so-called “price tag” incident targeted at the controversial Israeli-Arab MK.
The Balad party put out a statement on Sunday saying the breakin was discovered by party organizers who arrived at the Balad youth activists’ office Sunday morning and found that computers and “television equipment” had been stolen.
Zoabi, however, does not believe it was a simple robbery.
“This does not appear to be a criminal act because the computers in the other rooms were not touched and the ones that were stolen were old computers with no monetary value,” she said, calling on police to find those responsible and not “show the sort of disregard they have so far.”
Police said the case is being investigated by the Nazareth police, but that there were no suspects as of Sunday afternoon.