Hasdei Me'ir group to begin vast tree planting operation

The organization Hasdei Me'ir that begun in memory of the Kach movement leader Rabbi Me'ir Kahane, began an operation today to plant upwards of 20,000 thousand fruit trees around existing outposts. The organization, that engages in a wide array of activities amongst the communities in settlements in the West Bank, sent out a letter today explaining the aim of the new operation: "To double the area of our outpost by planting fruit trees." Organizers said that the trees will be planted 100 meters from the existing outpost routes, with each tree planted at a distance of about one-and-a-half meters, in order to nab the largest amount of territory.
Funding for the project comes largely from the organization itself, however many settlers have taken it on themselves to provide personal funding and aid in the physical labor of planting 20,000 brand new saplings.