Hatnua MK Mitzna backs IDF, says doing it all it can to avoid harming civilians

Knesset Education Committee chairman Amram Mitzna said at the opening of the panel's meetings Monday that he backs the IDF, which is strengthening Israel in its current mission against terrorists in Gaza
"We are all very sorry about the loss of life among innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. As the prime minister said, there is no war more just than the one we are in. We did not initiate it and we are not responsible for the fact that terrorist organizations hide behind the elderly, children and women, and wage war from schools and hospitals," Mitzna said.
Mitzna, a former Major-General, added that "as someone who knows the IDF well, I know it is acting out of true sensitivity and tries not to harm civilians.
"I hope we will finish the war quickly and sit around the negotiating table to bring a totally different reality in our corner of the Middle East," he concluded.
Education Minister Shai Piron, who was present, chimed in: "Too much is being said in recent days, so I will just say that I agree with every word."