Head of West Bank settlement construction firm questioned on suspicion of fraud

The head of a major construction company that builds projects across the Green Line was questioned under caution by police on Monday on suspicion of aggravated fraud, police revealed Tuesday.
The case involves the executive and the treasurer of the corporation, who police say took commissions for the corporation from Finance Ministry funds that were funneled to a development body in a local council in the West Bank. The commissions they allegedly took were not reported to the Finance Ministry, police said.
Both suspects were released after questioning on Monday with conditions, including a restraining order banning them from the offices of the construction corporation. They are also forbidden from making any contact with the Finance Ministry or any other government bodies responsible for sending state funds to local authorities.
The identity of the witnesses in the case remains under gag order.
This is not the first investigation against the corporation. A decade ago police launched an investigation into the company following a complaint about their involvement in the construction of illegal outposts.