Health Minister lauds food labeling reform, ‘basic right to be informed’

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman lauded the food labeling reform that is set to begin on Wednesday, saying that “the consumers have a basic right to be informed about the nutritional value in the products we purchase,” a press release on behalf of his office reported on Tuesday.
The reform will lead to food products containing high amounts of salt, sugar or fat being marked red. This is an obligatory step all food manufacturing companies in the country are bound by law to take. The green label, for foods that are up to the standards set for healthy nutrition by the ministry, is not obligatory but it is expected producers would want to place it on their products to improve sales.
The concept began in Chile, Israel is the second country to carry it out. It is expected to reduce poor eating choices among Israelis who will now have a clear indication on the health value of the brands they are used to buying.