Health Ministry claims Education Ministry holding up COVID vaccine efforts

The Health Ministry claimed that the Education Ministry was delaying the coronavirus vaccination campaign for teachers by failing to provide the information of the teachers in the system to the ministry.
"After dragging his feet and a prolonged and unnecessary delay on the part of the education minister, the Health Ministry received the lists of teaching staffs who could be vaccinated. At this time the Health Ministry is directing the lists to the HMOs and these have actively invited the teaching staff to get vaccinated," said sources in the Health Ministry.
"While the health minister is busy bringing in vaccines, along with the prime minister, and running the best vaccination campaign in the world, the education minister has taken care to put his feet up in endless bureaucracy, just to try to show control," added the sources. "A man who has failed in every civic action he has ever taken and whose actions as education minister have led to an endless increase in morbidity will not preach leadership and conduct. Now that the data is in the hands of the Health Ministry, Israel's successful vaccination campaign can continue with greater intensity."
The Education Ministry denied the claims, saying that it had transferred the information of all the teachers that had signed up for the vaccine, numbering about 30,000 people, according to Army Radio.
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