Health system to get NIS 4.6 billion more from national budget to cope with its major problems

 The financially distressed health system has emerged from the budget negotiations with an additional NIS 4.6 billion - including half a billion for mental health reform, NIS 200 million for public hospitals, NIS 120 million for Assuta’s public-private hospital being built in Ashdod, NIS 100 million for reducing queues for medical care, NIS 80 for home hospitalization by the four health funds, NIS 60 million to reduce waits for MRI scans and NIS 50 million for a program to minimize nosocomial (in-hospital) infections.
The aim of the program to strengthen the public healthcare system in the face of growing privatization, was initiated by Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman, who served in the same post before the previous government. Litzman has reiterated since again taking office that “deep treatment” is needed to restore balance in the deficit-ridden health system, which is threatened by chronic instability. “Holistic treatment is needed to repair its main distortions,” he said.