Herzliya man stabbed to death during spat with his neighbor

An argument between two neighbors turned deadly on Thursday morning, when an elderly man stabbed his neighbor to death, leaving him dead in the entrance to their apartment building in Herzliya.
The call went in to Tel Aviv police around 7am on Thursday, by neighbors in the building who found the victim lying in a pool of blood, showing no sign of life. Paramedics who arrived at the scene pronounced the man dead, apparently of a number of stab wounds to his upper body.
Tel Aviv Police Spokesman Eran Yehuda said that immediately after the murder they began interviewing residents of the building, who said the victim and the suspect - his 71 year old neighbor – had been involved in an argument, during which police determined the neighbor stabbed the victim. They then arrived at the suspect’s apartment and during a search of the residence Yehuda said police found “evidence that connects him to the crime”, but he would not elaborate further.
The suspect also had a number of contusions and cuts on his body, that police believe are linked to the deadly fight, Yehuda said.
The man was arrested at the scene, and police will bring him for a remand extension on Friday morning, where they will ask to keep him in custody while they continue the investigation, Yehuda said.
In a separate, unrelated violent incident overnight Wednesday, a 20-year-old man was seriously wounded when he was stabbed repeatedly in the upper body and beaten during a brawl on Bar Kochba street in Petah Tikva.
No arrests have been made in that incident.