Herzog denies he’s on the way to government as MKs tussle

The debate among Zionist Union MKs as to whether or not the party should join the coalition grew heated Saturday, though the party’s leader Isaac Herzog clarified that he is not negotiating the matter.
“It’s exhausting. Analysts ‘report’ on ‘negotiations for unity,’ and we automatically, once again, have to deny,” Herzog tweeted. “In what language do you want it? Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] must be brought down, not saved.”
MK Eitan Broshi (Zionist Union), who has advocated for joining the coalition in the past, sent a letter to Herzog saying their party could hold Netanyahu to his public commitments to a two-state solution.
“After the 2015-2016 budget was approved in the Knesset and in today’s complex reality, the need to answer central and important questions and make historic decisions on the fate and future of the state, we must examine the Zionist Union faction’s entry into the government,” he wrote.
Broshi pointed out that Netanyahu has said many times that he is committed to a two-state solution and wants negotiations with the Palestinians as soon as possible and without preconditions.
“Based on the prime minister’s commitment, and if there are changes in the government’s guidelines, we should seriously consider whether the conditions are ripe and reasons exist that justify Zionist Union joining the government,” he said.