Hezbollah leaders: [Liberman] resignation is the best proof of success

Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem, said in his first response to the senior resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, that the, "resignation is the best proof of the success of the resistance in Gaza in the front of the Israeli occupation."
"The Gaza conflict recorded a huge win, and the Palestinians have managed to deter Israel's defeated militarily as well as politically, because Lieberman resigned, and this is proof that resistance is the only way to achieve our rights."
Qassem added that "a group of those for normalization from the Gulf are worried about Palestine, or its rights, but is is only to keep their seats in finance and oil, surrender and defeatism. If they think that this will help the future - then they live in illusion. Where is Mubarak? Where is Zayn al-Abidine Ben Ali? Everyone fell in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya."
Deputy leader of Hezbollah, added that "we are facing three sides of evil: Trump, Mohammed bin Salman and Netanyahu. Each a destroyer of the region and the world. Look for other problems in the world, and you will find one of them destroys it and two others support it and the problems it creates."
Deputy Head of Hizbullah Executive Council, Ali Damos, referring to the political crisis in the country. In a Friday sermon, saying that, "the axis of US-Israeli-Saudi Arabia is the axis of failure and defeatism, and it goes from failure to failure."
He added that, "Israel's failed last aggression on Gaza and its defeat rolls, to bring the resignation of Netanyahu's government, after the resignation of Secretary of War Lieberman."
Damos added that, "the resistance recorded in last confrontation, achievements that indicate its ability to manage the system, in the face of Israel's helplessness in achieving accomplishments territorially or politically. The enemy understands after all the conflict in recent months, that any aggression on Gaza and the Palestinian people will not be without appropriate response. This equation, is in response to any aggression and will lead Israel to think a hundred times before it leaves for a Gaza offensive operation."
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